High Throughput Computing Content Delivery Network for Science

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Welcome to, the place for the High Throughput Computing [HTC] Content Delivery Network (CDN). HTC is the computing paradigm used by many open science projects, including the experiments of the Large Hadron Collider which have been a major force for the growth of the computing collaborations. Computing for these projects is distributed throughout the world at many national laboratories and universities, and in many cases standard web technologies are utilized, including those that can benefit from the caching of CDNs. is implemented very simply: using the free tier of Cloudflare. The first technologies cached are the CernVM FileSystem and the Frontier Distributed Database Caching system. If anyone in the science community would like other services cached, please contact “support at”.

The Cloudflare Terms of Service used to say they reserved the right to shut down domains that caused problems on their servers. We discussed it with them and they said we’re not likely to cause problems if we keep the bandwidth low, so we plan to use it mostly for reducing latencies of applications with many small objects and to continue to ask computing sites with many clients to supply their own caching proxy servers. The current terms of service does not go to that level of detail and just says they reserve the right to discontinue service for any reason.